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Hip – hop artist Tazzy combines the soul and social consciousness with modern day sounds influenced from the likes of J. Cole, Jay-Z and Tupac. Hip hop has always been a grassroots genre with a thousand different faces, each one suited to the particular scene at the time. Tazzy’s music is no less varied; it is equal parts emotional expression, spiritual healing, a form of protest, the sharing of a story, and a way to connect with others. 


With haunting instrumentals and precise, purposeful rapping, Tazzy is a combination of emotion and technical skill with flow which both hooks you in and helps you let your feelings out. Each power-packed track is a ride from lows to highs combined with layers of production which peel away to reveal new angles, perspectives, and ways of processing the world. Both intense and yet soothing, it is through the cathartic power of deep, melodic beats that Tazzy creates music which is much more than simply entertainment. 


In the era of online music, being an artist has become more and more of a solitary pursuit, yet for Tazzy this echoes the independence granted to her through music. Dropping out of school after moving between eight separate educational establishments, she is living proof of the power of art in the face of tradition, showing that sometimes a very different path to what is expected by society is the true route to creativity. Self educating through creative work, Tazzy expresses an era of continued social change with parallels to her own story, showing desperation and determination in tracks like Die Tryin’.  

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