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LYRICS (Tazzy's Verse )




Tell me how the hell you ain't blown up?



Man you know what?

The same dream since a kid 

Now we grown ups

Member I used to customerise the whole tour bus?

Guess we didn't know much

Now that drinks pour up 

My daddy died

Had me stuck up in the corner 

I see his body laying cold

Now they throwing up

That's when I started fearing death

Made me cautious

Felt that shit coming boy

Stomach real nauseous 

I got to hospitals

Slow like a tortoise

I guess there's no phone backs

When lord calls us

And getting shit

right up 

Off my chest

Made me cautious 

I know that life aint flawless

But I'm moving so lawless

Cause the ones before us

Still aint in office

Like just look at the world man

All the shit that they taught us

The way that they paint us

To the way that they draw us 

I'm out here fighting

Until they put us in coffins 

It don't matter where I land

It's still top of the morning

Whats the news reporting?

Tell the truth 

Man the sounds distorting 

Grandaddy was a plug

That whole gangs imported

The roads aint made with gold

But the queen endorsed it 

Couldn't stay away from the game

I was fiening for it 

TV Screens showed me

Beams and Porches

I was tryna get the XXL

With my name on Forbes's List

Window shopping fien

Knowing we can't afford shit

But at the same time 

A nigga knew they'd be a time

When I would finally shine

But I need you to see it too.. 


So I had to make sure I record this! 

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