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House full of Queens

The sneakers dirty from the roads

When the street lights beam

I gotta be home before they on

Live out the HipHop dreams

I gotta scheme to get the dough

Man the house full of fiends

Only the mics getting blown

Had to hop on some trains

A couple buses just to go

I was taking the stairs

They tried to throw me to the floor

Man it could of been dreams

A nightmare from before

Either way

It shook a nigga deadly

Straight to the core

I was talking to bro

I aint even use the phone

Had a stack to my ears

I couldn’t tell you how he spoke

Man my mother in tears

She can’t believe her child is grown

I been standing right here

She wonder how the hell I cope

Bury me with the paper

I be the one to grab the ropes

Can’t talk to my peers

They say thats how the story goes

I aint living in fear

Under the fabric be the chrome

I aint scared of no years

So yeah this is the end of the episode


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